Michael Stoopman Sensei

Michael Stoopman (8th Dan)

Michael Stoopman Sensei started learning Aikido in 1966 along with Judo. During the course of studying Aikido for a short time he took classes in Karate & Jujitsu to better understand how these arts interact with Aikido techniques. In 1985 he changed Aikido styles when the Ki Society became established in Australia. He has been studying and teaching Ki Aikido ever since. Stoopman sensei's main teaching focus is the learning of happiness by understanding ourselves, our environment and how our mind and body interact. Stoopman sensei's studies in Ontology (science of being) & Cosmology (nature of the universe) help him articulate his understanding of Ki and how it relates to the philosophy of Aikido.

Phillip Kohn Sensei

Phillip Kohn Sensei (7th Dan)

Phillip Kohn Sensei has been practicing Aikido since 1988, almost exclusively at Shinkondo Dojo. He thought it was interesting to try a martial art that claims to use an opponent's speed and strength against them. He tried it and found it teaches that and so much more. Even after teaching for many years he still enjoys being a student and tries to bring a relaxed and open attitude to his classes and his training.

Nathan Harris Sensei

Nathan Harris Sensei (5th Dan)

Nathan began training in 2000 looking for a form of exercise more engaging than what he was getting out of the gym. What he found was a physical and mental discipline that constantly challenges an individual to push beyond what they thought their boundaries were. Accompanying this was a philosophical and spiritual framework that Nathan finds inspires him to seek to be a better, more capable and more thoughtful person in every action and every aspect of his life.

Isabelle Derouet Sensei

Isabelle Derouet Sensei (2nd Dan)

Isabelle began her training in France in an Aikikai dojo. After some time in Australia Isabelle wanted to renew her Aikido training and discovered Shinkondo Dojo close to her home. Since that time Isabelle has been a regular and has become a senior student and instructor at the dojo.

Paul Marshal Sensei

Paul Marshall Sensei (1st Dan)

Paul had his first experience of Aikido while he was studying in Japan in 1994 and was attracted by the seemingly paradoxical notion of a non-aggressive martial Art. Upon his return to Australia Paul visited a number of Aikido dojos before he found what he was looking for in Ki Aikido with Stoopman Sensei and Kohn Sensei. Despite taking an almost 10 year break in the 2000's he never considered that he stopped being a student of Aikido as there is as much to learn from the Art off the mat as there is on it.